Stade Toulousain Rug Carpet


Add a touch of sporting elegance to your home with the remarkable Stade Toulousain Rug Carpet. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this exquisite piece showcases the unparalleled passion and legacy of one of France’s most celebrated rugby teams.

Constructed from premium materials, this rug carpet offers both durability and style, making it an ideal addition to any room. Its soft yet resilient texture ensures a comfortable feel underfoot while maintaining its pristine appearance for years to come.

Featuring the iconic Stade Toulousain emblem emblazoned across its surface, this rug carpet allows you to showcase your unwavering support for the team in a sophisticated manner. Whether placed in your living room, office space, or even as a centerpiece on your patio floor, it effortlessly adds character and charm to any environment.

Beyond its striking design, practicality reigns supreme with this versatile product. The Stade Toulousain Rug Carpet is easy to clean and maintain – simply vacuum regularly or spot clean when needed. With robust craftsmanship that withstands daily wear and tear without compromising on aesthetics, you can cherish this prized possession for generations ahead.

Indulge in your love for rugby while elevating your interior decor with the extraordinary Stade Toulousain Rug Carpet. Immerse yourself in the spirit of victory every time you step onto its luxurious surface – because greatness should never be limited solely to the field; let it permeate throughout every aspect of your life.

  • The carpet has 3 layers :
  • Upper: fleece
  • Middle: porous layer
  • Under: polyester with anti-slip grain
  • Thickness: about 7 – 8mm
  • Dustproof, anti-slip, flexible.
  • Thermal transfer printing technology, high-quality colours and images, difficult to fade.
  • No harmful
  • Wear-resistant and durable, washing fastness of 3 or more, never fade