Is King Charles III going to COP27 ?

Is King Charles III going to COP27?

When it comes to climate change, nobody has a more immediate and personal stake than the world’s monarchs. That’s why, when news broke that King Charles III plans to attend COP27 this December, environmental advocates and campaigners were quick to react. Sure, we know the headlines will be about pomp and politics instead of climate change. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still raise awareness about the issue. In this blog post, we discuss some ways you can help advocate for climate change while King Charles III is in attendance.

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What is COP27 ?

The Climate Change Performance Index, or COP27 for short, is an annual event hosted by the OECD in Paris, France. The purpose of the meeting is to provide a forum for governments and non-governmental organizations to share best practices on how to improve climate change performance. COP27 will take place from November 6-17, 2017.

This year’s theme is “Delivering On Our Paris Agreement: Achieving Sustainable Development In The Context Of Climate Change”. As part of this theme, delegates will be working towards implementing the global agreement reached in Paris in December 2015 known as the Paris Agreement. This includes looking at methods to enhance resilience to shocks such as weather events and financial volatility, improving access to quality information and reducing inequality and environmental injustice.

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What will be discussed at COP27?

The Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change will take place from November 15-17th, 2017 in Denmark. The summit’s main goal is to draft a new global agreement on climate change, known as the Paris Agreement, to be put into force by 2020.

The following are some topics that are likely to be addressed at COP27:
-What kind of emissions reduction targets should be included in a new global agreement?
-How can financing for green infrastructure and low-emitting technologies be increased?
-What role can indigenous peoples play in addressing climate change?

How does King Charles III plan to address climate change at COP27?

King Charles III of Spain plans to put climate change front and center at the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference in Katowice, Poland. The conference will be the largest gathering of world leaders to date on the topic of climate change.

Spain has been a leader in the fight against climate change for years, and is looking to continue its leadership role in addressing the issue. King Charles III plans to use COP27 as an opportunity to address issues like adaptation, greenhouse gas emissions, and funding for projects that help reduce carbon emissions.

Spain also wants to increase awareness about climate change among young people. The King has created a youth summit for COP27 that will focus on ways to engage young people in the fight against climate change.

Overall, King Charles III is looking forward to using COP27 as an opportunity to put forth a strong proposal for global action on climate change.

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Who will be attending COP27?

The conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27) will be held in Katowice, Poland from December 7-18 this year. The majority of attendees are expected to come from industrialized countries, with China and India being particularly important contributors. The United States is not expected to participate in COP27 due to the Trump administration’s stance on climate change, but other countries are still planning to send delegates in their place.

This year’s COP theme is “Pledges for Sustainable Development In A World Of Multiple New Instabilities.” There are a variety of events planned throughout the course of the conference, including workshops on topics like market-based mechanisms for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ways to support vulnerable communities who are most at risk from climate change impacts. Representatives from over 190 countries are scheduled to attend COP27, making it one of the most significant gatherings of world leaders on climate change.

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As we approach COP27, the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not King Charles III will make an appearance. With so many global issues to address and no clear leadership in place, it seems unlikely that the UK government would want to take any major steps without first consulting with the EU. However, recent reports suggest that negotiations between the two sides have taken a turn for the worst, and could lead to a full-blown Brexit without a deal – something which would be disastrous for businesses across both sides of the Channel. So while we may not know what King Charles III’s plans are just yet, it looks like we won’t be seeing him at COP27 after all.

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